'ZigZag' comprises three artists - Susan Mathews, Yvonne Voss and June Brown who meet regularly for experimentation and inspiration. We all enjoy the challenge of exploring the possibilities of art and design on fabric.

Together we have formulated four Exhibitions. These have been: Pattern-nation, Three A3s, tripARTite & Snapshots

There is another exhibition being prepared for a launch in July 2013

In 2003 we challenged ourselves to do a drawing each day for the whole year. Here is the story of this challenge:

The decision was made very enthusiastically to challenge ourselves to do a ‘Drawing for every day of the year 2003’. 365 drawings amount to a lot of time, a lot of paper and a lot of dedication. Each drawing was to be about A5 in size and we all planned to put each month of drawings into a book. We all made the books ourselves. Paper was found, purchased or shared. Some paper was hand made, some was painted, some rusted and some pieces were off cuts from other works. We could use any medium and draw any topic, a detailed drawing or a very simple sketch. The discipline at times was hard to keep with holidays, grandchildren, stitching and teaching to fit into our already hectic lives. If time allowed we would do extra drawings and keep them ‘in the bank’ for an emergency. From time to time each of us fell behind with our commitment and had to allow some dedicated space in our lives for catching up.

Each time we met as group there was much enthusiasm shown over each others drawing efforts. The topics were certainly varied, ranging from birds, seascapes, flowers, buildings, patterns, doodlings and still life. The drawings improved as the months went by, however by the time December came around it was obvious that we had become rather lazy with our newly practiced drawing skills and we were definitely lacking ideas for new topics. We all tried some different mediums and enjoyed trying some new topics. Yvonne’s drawings were wonderfully free in formation; mine had comparatively more detail whereas Susan’s drawings were colourful and dominant on each page.

As a reader I am sure you are wondering whether we completed the commitment to ourselves and to each other. Yes, by the time 2004 came around there were 1095 drawings to see in 36 books!! Yvonne very succinctly said that she had never enjoyed the coming of the New Year so much!!

We learnt a lot about paper, pencils and paint and I am sure the experience will give us more confidence when we need to draw in preparation for making a piece of textile art. I recommend the challenge to you as a person and also to you as a member of a group whether you belong to a quilting group or just enjoy drawing.

When 2006 arrived we decided to draw again - yes each day, one drawing. What fun!!

We have continued to work together for 11 years now and continue to enjoy artistic pursuits such as visiting textile/art exhibitions and drawing excursions. The following is an account of the Drawing Safari we undertook in June 2012.......

Midway through 2011 David Mathews suggested that the three ZigZag artists go on a second drawing trip…and so Drawing Safari 2012 was planned. Three artists and their husbands were to make up the team. Yvonne & Clive Voss, Susan & David Mathews and June & John Brown.

John was asked to decide on a venue and plan a date and route. This plan had to suit three different camping rigs. It was important that the venue provided plenty of scope and interest for painting and sketching. The colour of the country is important as well- texture and formations of rocks and trees.

It was decided that we go to Mutawintji National Park, which is a little over 100 kilometres north east of Broken Hill. Of course Broken Hill is the home of ‘Brushmen of the Bush’ ..well known group of artists.

On June 8th 2012 six of us left Yarrawonga on the first leg of the trip. We camped on the Murray River for two nights then made a long run to Broken Hill and northeast to Mutawintji.

We had a very productive and happy seven days at Mutawintji. The girls of the party enthusiastically entered into artistic activities as well as some walking and exploring.

Drawing, painting, Eco dyeing, printing with lino cuts, photography, identifying birds and trees and eventually a little stitching. It was so good to have each day free to follow our own pursuits. The ‘show and tell’ at the end of each day was good fun too.

The guys in the party did a lot of walking and washing up. We girls shared the cooking and planning of the meals.

We actually got rained in for 24 hours when the roads became impassable. This allowed us to continue our ‘free drawing’ for one more day.

Mutawintji is a really lovely National Park with wonderful walks up creek areas with towering red rocky gorges and a huge variety of trees and bushes. The camping ground is very convenient with hot showers and toilets provided....‘Memories are made of this’