Back of Beyond

This is old fashioned terminology. An expression from a by-gone era. However it still tells us of the remoteness of inland Australia.

The environment of the inland fascinates me. It is this fascination that has inspired me to develop the quilts in this series.

The major influencing factor is the climate with our rivers carrying this important message. A pattern of drought and stress, rain and turmoil, growth and peace, camouflage and harsh striking beauty. The cycle goes on as our land of Australia displays many contrasts.

Each of the larger quilts has been a focus for one of three points. I have explored drought, rains and the living desert. The 3 sets of smaller quilts have been inspired by specific aspects relating to each of these larger quilts. Of course there are some aspects of the inland which remain largely unchanged by the seasonal variations but there are other things that change dramatically after rains or because of the lack of rains. My interpretation shows the effect of the rain and drought on the areas ‘Back of Beyond’.

The predominant fabric used throughout the series is cotton, either commercial or hand dyed. There are many techniques used in these textile works, but machine stitching has been utilised more than hand stitching. Apliqué in its many forms has been an effective method of expression.

The Outback Sleeps

The Outback Awakes

The Outback Lives