Wider Skies

Wider Skies was an exhibition of Wall Quilts displayed at Brown Brothers Cellar Door Sales during the Wangaratta Textile Festival 2002, June 14th until July 14th. There were 25 small quilts on display.

Through the medium of my wall quilts I have tried to interpret my feelings and memories of some wonderful trips within Australia and overseas. From the trees, plants, rocks and the landscape colours. The symbolic art work of the aboriginals of Australia and other countries inspire my imagination, as do the animals and colours of many places under the world's wide skies. The first quilts in this exhibition are Australian inspired and in the last 6 quilts I have been influenced by aspects of other countries. My quilts are very simple in design and I have relied on the fabric colours to capture and represent my feelings. Many of the fabrics I have dyed and printed myself and I have used a variety of techniques.

The Inland Sun

Coastal Sunlight

At Home on the Ranges

The Big Red

Windmills and Water

Thursday Turtles

Crossing the Simpson

Under the Coolibah Tree

Gimlet Gums

Blue Dragonflies

Red Dragonflies




Slate of the Gibson Desert


Spirals on the Wind


A Tiny Crevice


Split Rock


Jelly Fish Fossil

Sea Snail Fossil

Ancient Art

Dance Kokopelli Dance




Black and Tan Elephants

Celebrate with Dance