Summer 2007

Summer 2007

'Summer 2007' each piece is approx. 25cm X 23cm

This series of work consists of four textile pieces which hang as one.

Materials used: Cotton voile, variety of threads

Techniques used: batik and Shibori style dyeing, discharge of colour, hand painting, machine & hand embroidery.

The fires in North Eastern Victoria in the Summer of 2006/2007 were devastating in many ways. The special sadness I felt was the fact that I would never see the beautiful bush again as it had been all the years of my life. The first days after the flames swept through the bush was very quiet, black, black, black and incredibly hopeless in appearance. Bravely, our eucalypt trees began to sprout very green leaves- a process I found heartening and really quite beautiful, starkly beautiful. After some months and rain the bush has begun to appear green again, but the tree trunks will show the black scars forever.

I named each piece separately to show the progression of the whole tragic event.

Fire Invasion

Burnt Disaster

New Hope

Green Again