Desert Dynamics

Inspiration: The deserts of Australia are fascinating places. The colour, flora, geographics and inhabitants all interact with each other to produce the dynamic, and intriguing place that we see as we traverse these areas. I have tried to convey this message through textiles, paint and stitch. The large quilt ‘Desert Dynamics’ was made first and travelled to many countries within the exhibition ‘Across Australia’. To continue the series I made 8 small quilts to compliment the colours and ideas in the initial quilt.

Fabric used: Hand dyed and commercial cotton fabrics.

Techniques used: Procian dyeing, stencilling and stamping with fabric paint, discharging with bleach, batik patterning, oil pastel rubbing, colour added from painted vlisofix, machine and hand quilting, hand and machine embroidery, torn and burnt edges, appliqué, whipped and machine stitched binding,

Desert Dynamics

Size: W – 100cm, H – 101cm

Dynamics D

Size: W – 28cm, H – 45cm

Dynamics Y

Size: W – 32cm, H – 45cm

Dynamics N

Size: W – 29cm, H – 56cm

Dynamics A

Size: W – 29cm, H – 40cm

Dynamics M

Size: W – 28cm, H – 45cm

Dynamics I

Size: W – 30cm, H – 43cm

Dynamics C

Size: W – 30cm, H – 38cm

Dynamics S

Size: W – 30cm, H – 44cm